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Hidden Secret In North Carolina

January 25, 2019 / Lifestyle

There’s a hidden secret in North Carolina that circulates via word of mouth about a certain restaurant located in the mountains. With a long waitlist, you sometimes must be creative with your schedule to dine there. It’s fun (and rare) to find a special excitement that comes with dining out these days.   But somehow, Bill and Anita Greene have created that excitement with their restaurants.  Both located in North Carolina, Artisanal (in Banner Elk) and Peppervine (Charlotte) have something in common besides the same founders and shared executive chef: a consistently great reputation.   


Artisanal is known for its modern American flair and endlessly fresh tasting cuisines. Anita remarks, “We focus on locally sourcing our ingredients but also focus on getting the best quality we can get. We want people to eat with their eyes so that it looks beautiful and is also tasty. The execution matters–our dishes are approachable but interesting.” Artisanal has established a sole partnership with Springhill farms, a North Carolina certified organic farm. The restaurant and farm coordinate the growing seasons to confirm the freshest ingredients are available for their restaurants.

Bill began cooking at a young age (he was 14 when he started working in kitchens) and his love of cuisine eventually led him to The Culinary Institute of America. Bill traveled and worked with first-rate chefs like Alex Stratta and Laurent Gras. After Bill and Anita married, they opened Artisanal.
For parties that take their wine seriously, both restaurants offer an extensive wine program. Anita adds, “Bill is a huge part of our wine program which is nice because he is also the executive chef. There is a lot of research in knowing what to buy and when to buy it. It’s almost like a stock – you want to buy it at the right time. You need to be knowledgeable on what your customers want to drink and what is trending.”

Bill and Anita’s passion for food and wine combined with a mindset that a restaurant must have structure has become their recipe for success, after all Anita is a former engineer. They focus on excellent staff with a shared philosophy to provide a unique experience. “We try to get it all right. The food, the service, and the ambiance. Artisanal is in the middle of the woods which is also inviting,” says Anita.

The Greene’s seemed to have conquered a carefully crafted growth plan with the opening of Peppervine that also delivers the same level of consistency. With a more modern feel, Peppervine provides a “city” feel and is more communal, offering small plates to share. With high demand for their dining experience, one has to wonder if another restaurant is in the making. “We have some ideas,” Anita says

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