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Anna Sui Defines Timeless

January 5, 2024 / Lifestyle

When I think of timeless – red lipstick, thank you notes, and of course, cashmere come to mind. These are so divine; time nor trends can affect them.  In preparing for the interview with Anna Sui, I found I was so far removed from my definition of timeless that I became inspired to have discovered hers. 

With a brand that began in 1981, Anna Sui has made her mark as a fashion icon that has spawned not only a unique style, but a timeless one as well. Timeless not in the ability to remain unattached to a particular time or date, but the exact opposite: timeless in the ongoing evolution of her style, tied back to a particular decade of her inspiration. Her always-feminine style embellishes a touch of rock n roll and remains a bit nostalgic. 

The Journey to Glitz and Glam

Anna’s journey into the world of glitz and glamour began in kindergarten with a trip from her home state of Michigan to New York.  “I remember how my aunts were dressed, and how glamorous New York was. I spent my whole childhood figuring out how to create that.  I thought I had to go to Parsons school of design,” Anna explains, “so I wrote to them and geared my education around that so I would have the necessary requirements.”

“Fashion is my life’s focus. Since the beginning, rock stars and rock stars girlfriends have inspired me.  Anita Pallenberg was the ultimate of the rock star style,” adds Anna, “she was so educated, sophisticated and cultural.  She was an icon.  It was wonderful.” 

For Sui, inspiration can come from anything and refers to her universe for creativity.  A lover of psychedelic art, the 60’s and rock n roll, Anna begins the process of actualizing an idea with her inspiration boards. “My process will begin with images, and I’ll put them on the board and then I’ll do more research on the imagery. I have lots of pages and they stay up the whole season so we can reflect the same flavor,” Sui remarks. 

Space for Creations to Emerge

Individuals whose center of attention extend beyond the item in focus to elements surrounding the experience – open a much larger playing field for their creations to emerge. Hosts expand beyond cooking to music, table landscapes and themes; Interior designers expand beyond picking perfect gallery walls to integrating original furniture, light fixtures or artwork that represent one’s own unique style. For Anna, fragrances and cosmetics go beyond fashion to create a look. “It’s how I like dressing – I like a whole look,” adds Sui, “they are the final accessories to completing a look.” 

This broader focal point – is a natural talent that some artists have in taking their inspiration, then radiantly polishing it with an attention to detail and is what can create something extraordinarily memorable. By glimpsing masters at their craft, we too get insight into how we can create extraordinary experiences.  Experiences that are, at their heart, luxurious.

Anna Sui style is now being celebrated through an exhibition that was curated by Dennis Nothdruft  from London‘s Fashion and Textile Museum.

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