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You’ve done it all for your wedding – you’ve selected the right venue, caterer, dress and flowers, but the last thing to master is your wedding make up. You will be looking at wedding photos the rest of your life, and if your makeup wasn’t as perfect as you would have liked, you will focus on that every time you see your photos. Experienced make up professionals even recommend a “trial run” so there are no surprises on your wedding day. After reflecting on how important this step in the process is, we decided to bring our questions to a true master of his craft, Sir John.

Sir John is a global artist, and his clientele contains some of the most sought-after fashion and beauty industry professionals like Beyonce, Naomi Campbell and Celine Dion. He now has his own masterclass and is the Global Ambassador and Creative Director for L’Oréal Paris. Beyond his accolades, his philosophy for beauty is what I believe really makes him exceptional – he believes in treating beauty from the inside out and celebrating uniqueness. Sir John and I sat down to talk wedding day specifics and his advice for all our readers.

How would you describe your overall philosophy on make up?

My grandma and my mom totally influenced me. They were mentors for me – beauty is a feeling. I really believe glamour is a state of mind. It’s something that is felt and not always seen, so all makeup does for us – it’s really to pull us up. When you feel like you look good, you can feel like an Aristocrat in even the poorest of neighborhoods.

Do you have a signature look? What is something you always do on clients?

I love an eye. I’m an eye guy. Women having been using eye liners since the beginning of time. Eyes can add so much.

Is there a current make up trend or mistake that you see today that makes you cringe? Is there some specific trend a bride should absolutely avoid on their wedding day?

Yes, makeup that is slathered on. People sometimes use SO much concealer and foundation and it’s just too much. You go in easy, and you start soft. Also, I hate a massive eye lash. You can do false lashes for your wedding day, but too much can be show girl for just normal civilian life. There’s a time and place for that kind of lash – just not on your wedding day.

If a bride was a client of yours – are there specific ways you would elevate her look for something as big as her wedding day?

When I think about brides I think about a stage. They will be on “stage” all day, so it needs to last. From a basic skin care line perspective, skip anything that has emollients. Don’t do your full pampering regimen that day– skip the moisturizers and SPF (just for that day). SPF has titanium dioxide and that will flash against pictures that will not look flattering when you look back on.

Are there any other tips for lasting makeup?

Yes, create duality – that’s where the staying power is. So, for example, if you are doing a liquid foundation, you will also want to use some powder. I would use a cream blush and then add a powder blush. The same rule would apply with your eyes…add some coal with a matte shadow on top.

So let’s talk about before the makeup is even applied. What do you recommend that women do to best prep their skin in preparation for the big day?

3 days prior I like to recommend juices. They will give your skin such a natural exfoliant. Leafy greens, carrot juice and ginger – and don’t forget about the leafy greens like kale. Oh, and beets, beets are amazing for discoloration.

Do you have any last recommendations for a bride on their makeup on their wedding day?

Be strategic with your highlights and don’t use shimmer powder. Apply something that is an emollient for shimmer. Also, never set your concealer with press powder.

And lastly, how do get our makeup for special occasions off at the end of the night – any life hacks on this?

I’m old school on this, I love a tissue and ponds cream – it will break everything down.

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