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January 5, 2024 / Lifestyle

The human population has been drawn to the water for centuries. In fact, the human and water relationship has even been genetically beneficial for us. The National Institutes of Health has shown that there is a direct correlation between ounces of fish consumed each week and rates of depression – those who ate the most fish, lowered their risk. Our love for the sea is deep rooted, and while the vessels have changed over time our desire to explore and enjoy the water remains the same.

Yachting is a rich world of exploration and enjoyment and is now more accessible than ever with companies like Worldwide Boat that specialize in luxury charters. Their fleet consists of super yachts, with the smallest being ninety-eight feet. Super yachts are the pinnacle of extravagance that can be experienced through charters. Yachting can be a short charter, or it can be an entire lifestyle. Jason Carter is a member of the Worldwide Boat team and added, “We have access to every single yacht that’s on the rental market – that’s roughly 2000 boats globally and we boat all over the world.”

The Best Way to See the World, is by Sea

There is an adage that the best way to see the world, is by sea. However, the process of seeing the world be sea can be a bit more cumbersome than one may think. According to Carter, one of the most important aspects of embarking on a yachting journey begins well before a charter is ever booked. “One of the most unique parts of the entire process is matching the boats to the clients. The captain, the crew, the age of the boat – we can confidently match all these things to our clients. We have learned that the crew is one of the most important things of all.” Jason adds, “You are on the water and have this crew with you for a week or more, so the key is to make sure the personality of the crew matches up with our client. From an overall experience perspective, we think the boat is 50 is percent and the crew is the other half.”

The crew on super yachts share the same goal – to exceed your expectations and make you feel at home. Jason says, “Most of the time, people have a dream of exactly what they want.” Weeks prior to departure, guests fill out preference sheets that can be 12 pages long. These questions can be incredibly detailed and range on the level of specificity to what percent milk you prefer and what brands to include on the crews shopping list. “The whole crew knows all about you,” Jason says, “There is a 2 to 1 ratio from a client to crew perspective. You are literally attended to 24 hours a day.”

While there is a certain gratification that comes from pampering on a super yacht, many clients come aboard simply for the amusement. The sky is the limit for catering to customers’ requests. Jason recalls, “We have flown in pianist, violin players and we really just operate on the philosophy that anything is possible.” When luxury is the built-in expectation, aspiration becomes the obvious steppingstone.

The Escapism Offered by Yachts

If the lure of six-star service and pure amusement aren’t enough to pique the interest of a novice sunseeker, the array of equipment and technology may do the trick. Super yachts are outfitted with specific “toys” that align with your party’s interest. “You’ll have a transfer boat, jet skis, ski bobs, and kayaks that come with most yachts. Some are outfitted with a full dive center, or perhaps an open galley if you wish to interact with the chef.”

The escapism offered by yachts is considerably appealing. There seems to be a different mentality once you are on the sea – the same rules and conventions from life ashore are almost muted by the waves. “Seeing the coastline from the water is just breath taking. It’s a completely different perspective than what see you on land,” Jason adds, “You just take it all in. It’s a theme with all our clients – they want to see a different perspective from the ocean.”

Perhaps what is most intriguing about yachting is that embodies the pursuit of two things we value – a unique experience, and time. We are spending less on possessions and more on memories. I can think of no better way to spend time with friends and family than from an exotic location surrounded by water.

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